Friday, January 17, 2020

Friday 5

Oh what a week its been.

Here's five...

1.  I'm bored with Trim Healthy Mama If you don't know what that is its a eating lifestyle where you focus your meals on an E (carb) or S (fat) base and go from there.  I feel like everything is beginning to taste the same.  So I turned to that wonderful little app I bought last year - eMeals.  Tonight is Chicken Alfredo Pizza night.  The kids are stoked.  Its low carb (cauli crust) and it has cheese and chicken on win.

I do like the eMeals app because I can pick our nutrition preference (low carb) and get a fresh listing each week of meals to choose from.  Then I pick the ones I want to make the app will automatically coordinate with my grocery ordering services (Walmart) and bam!  Grocery shopping and meal planning is done.

Diet preferences include clean eating, keto, quick and easy, budget friendly, thirty minute, kid friendly, slow cooker, heart healthy, low calorie, diabetic, gluen free, mediterrenean, vegan, vegetarian, and paleo.

Sorry but I don't have any promos for you - however - if you go to their site I'm sure they have a deal going on.  I believe the regular special is a two week trial.

If you're a Dave Ramsey follower then you already know about eMeals.  (Yes, I'm that girl.)

2.  Back to class for me!  I started back to p90x class and metabolic effect this week.

 It was so much fun.  I was dripping with sweat by the end of class and I love to be dripping with sweat (once again I am that girl.)  Unfortunately....

3.  Sick day for me.  I missed Thursday's class because my body was attacked by germs.  BOO HISS!  I got zero sleep and couldn't breathe because mucus likes to kill you.

I spent Thursday on the couch sleeping through Real Housewives episodes and bits and pieces of Mrs. Maisel.  When I get sick I'm not one to rush off to the doctor.  I think most of the crap we get we need to allow our bodies to fight without leaning to heavily on pills.  I upped my veggies on Thursday and my water and slept a lot.  Nobody wants to use PTO on sick days!

4.  My daffodils are shooting up from the ground.  The Forsythia is blooming.  Guys, it's mid January.  Of course everything is going to freeze now because our early spring is being interrupted by winter's return.  I really need to move to Florida.  But...I got an alert spring sports signups are on the horizon (as in next week) and that made me super duper excited!  Spring will come back!

5.  If you subscribe to Fab Fit Fun and you got the Kate Somerville goats milk moisturizer use that ish!  It's the best moisturizer I have ever used.  I'm a big fan of Kate Somerville products anyway but that moisturizer is a must have. here's a link to get you some, girl.  If you're interested in Fab Fit Fun here's a link to save some money and try it out (I personally do love it.)
If you aren't a FFF subscriber and you're wondering what I'm talking about

Alright, its Friday let's do this!  Have a great weekend xo.

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