Friday, November 1, 2019

Two Books & An Air Fryer

What's better than books and food?  

I read two books in October that I wanted to share today on the blog.  I also purchased an air fryer after contemplating the purchase for two months.  Both of these highly interesting topics are what make up this post today.

Before She Was Found: A Novel
It was supposed to be a typical sleepover for three twelve year old friends Cora, Violet, and Jordyn.  But after a decision to sneak out and head over to the railroad yard everything changes.
The sleepover ends in a bloody scene with questions and no answers.

This book dives into the friendship, betrayal, and social pressures.  It is told from different perspectives:  the girls, the doctor, and the police, as well as the family members.

I love a good thriller and considering I have a twelve year old myself - I couldn't put the book down.

Amazon $14.99

Joshua feldman Start Without Me

Start Without Me 
Adam is home for Thanksgiving.  He is a recovering alcoholic and ex musician.  
Adam breaks a coffee pot.
Marissa is a flight attendant.  She is married and has a little time between flights to drive to Vermont to have Thanksgiving with her husband and in-laws.
Marissa meets Adam in an airport restaurant.  Marissa takes Adam with her to Vermont.
And so it begins...

It's a good book.

Amazon $12.95


Habor Air Fryer, 4 Quart Hot Air Fryers Oven w/Programmable 7 Cook Presets for Air Frying, Roasting, Baking & Broiling, 1400W Air Cooker w/LED Touch Screen, Nonstick Frying Pot, 2-Year Warranty

I bought an air fryer.  I'm not sure why I spent two months asking myself a couple times a week if I wanted one or not.  Last week I was perusing Amazon (a favorite pasttime) and there was an air fryer on "lightning deals" for $50.  

I hit "buy now" - and that's all she wrote.

The thing came on Tuesday and I haven't used it yet.

What I'm wondering is this:

Do you have one?
Can you share a favorite recipe?

My daughter is ready to make donuts.

I'm ready for chicken tenders and sweet potato fries myself.


Happy November, friends.  This month is one of my most favorite aside from the time change (you're well aware that happens Sunday morning.  I am too.)  Oh and the temperatures dipping into the thirties.  

16 Small US Towns to Visit If You Love Fall

This is my last weekend as a thirty-something before I turn thirty-something-else.  I have a goal of getting to my favorite little spot in the high country - Blowing Rock.  

November- the month my life began and also the month my life changed with so much movement that I had no choice but to flow through it. And it gave me something greater than anything I've ever had... Freedom from myself and now, I haven't stopped moving. Life has truly handed me so much more than just a better view, it's given me a better outlook for what lies ahead.

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  1. These books sound interesting. I think I'd be able to relate to the one about the girls too. I have a 14 year old.