Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Quiet Peace

My father-in-law is dying.

That's a hell of an opener isn't it?  I think he's sixty-three years old.  Yeah, think.  For some reason I think he was born '57.  I say that because my aunt was born in '57 and I'm pretty sure they would have graduated together.

He dropped out.  He would have graduated with her I think.  

I think.

He dropped out because his dad died.  That's what I was told.  There was the farm there was no dad he dropped out.  That's it.

My husband grew up with his dad.  His mom exited when he was very young.  She made her choices and left.  We can judge mothers all day for this but until you know the situations you should really keep your mouth shut.  I learned that the hard way, I guess.  But this post isn't about a mom in 1985.  Its about my father-in-law.

To say I married a daddy's boy is a slight understatement.  His dad has been his hero, his number one, his go-to for as long as he's been alive.  He was with him through single dad times, married dad times, dirty divorce dad time, etc etc etc.

They have memories that I know nothing about.  They have a history that is deeper than deep and bruised and also filled with immense dad/son laughter that I could never understand.  

Never, ever could I comprehend.

This world is small and this county is smaller.  My dad knew his dad when I would have been very tiny and my husband would have a been a year tinier than me.  They played golf together on Sundays.  That really translates to a bunch of rednecks on the golf course killing Budweiser and smoking cigarettes and probably saying words not fit for Sunday.

I only learned this nugget of information after I shared that I had met my husband.

The first time I met my father-in-law he was smiling.  He looked like a scruffier version of Sam Elliott.  But that's only because he has matching hair on his head and the same facial hair.  And they are both pretty small guys.

He didn't say much at all and neither did I.  

I don't remember my first thoughts of him.  I guess I was indifferent because this was a just a guy I was dating (his son) and it probably wouldn't amount to much.  

Much to our surprise that first meeting would lead to fourteen years of knowing one another.  And still fourteen years of not much talking.

But I like that.

Here's what you may not know about me - I prefer quiet over mindless banter.  I'm just fine in a silent room than in a busy one.  If there are no words then there are no words and there is no problem whatsoever with that.  Sometimes its good to just be.

I think he felt that way too.

The father-in-law that I knew...what do I remember most?

I remember him being the best man on the day I walked down the aisle to marry his son.  And now I realize what a big deal that was.  He suffered from social anxiety and I did not really know this until a year or two later.  He could not stand a crowd and it just so happened we had a crowd of about eighty in the church that day.  But he did it.  He stood there beside his boy.  He held it together.

I remember him loving that first grandchild of his.  Our daughter.  The thing about scruffy dudes that are dads is that they generally become mush when a baby is around.  But that baby has to be of some relation to them!  I remember the night she was born and when he held her.  There is a look that comes over a new grandparent - I saw it on my mama's face, my dad's face, and my father-in-law's face.  

It was the same look that he had when he held our second child, his second biological grandkid - a boy.  

I remember him having some hard times and him asking me to help him a little.  He was embarassed but sometimes we hit a rough patch, no matter who we are, and we help each other.  I couldn't get what he lost back but I could help him not get in that situation again.

I took a job teaching at the community college.  He signed up and took the class.  It was how to opearate Windows.  The class was filled with his peers and they were more afraid of those desktops than kids of the boogie man.  But we had fun.  He was a good one for me to pick on during class...and he didn't mind.

Our early years in our marriage were riddled with bumps.  My father-in-law kept his dad perspective and when his son didn't want to man up he treated him like a boy and reared him back up to closer to being a man.  I know that this paragraph sounds harsh but I promise you my husband would agree.

He never hated me.  If you know my in-laws then you know that that is a big statement.

My father-in-law was a very simple person.  He wasn't brilliant, he wasn't reaching for stars, he stayed in his lane.  He enjoyed his son and his cows and time on his tractor.  He liked to go to Topsail and ride bikes.  He liked pizza but was a meat and potatoes guy.  He enjoyed playing basketball back in the day with his son and his motley crew of friends.  He loved to watch the kids unwrap their presents on Christmas Eve.  He also enjoyed sitting in the beating down sun watching that first grandkid play softball even though he was undergoing some trying chemo treatments.  And I remember a freezing morning last fall when he came out and took on way too many steps to watch the youngest grandkid run around like a wild hooligan on the soccer field.

The man loved Pepsi like no one else I have ever known in this world.  

He always had a pot of coffee on (we were born to be friends.)

He had his chair and he had his ways.

My father-in-law is dying.  He's in a hospital bed in intensive care with one lung in his thoracic cavity.  The other one was removed nine months ago.  The one that remains cannot manage and is riddled with bacteria and fungus.  An internal vent has been placed inside him.

My father-in-law - the quiet man.  Of all the things I can write in this post or say in person I just want him to know I respected his ability to quietly take it all in.  I enjoyed his quips when he did decide to say something.  I'm thankful for his son because God knows I would be bored if he hadn't had that boy.

Today as I type this I send up a prayer to the God I revere and the one that he denied - have mercy on that man and let him just be so that he can have peace.  

Quiet peace.


Wednesday, May 13, 2020

(Old) Pinterest Account Finds!

Good morning :) I hope you are all doing super well on this Wednesday.  

Last weekend I purchased myself a new computer for Mother's Day.  Since the kiddos are virtually learning I gave the youngest my Chromebook and decided it was time for mama to upgrade.

After I set up the computer I was logging into my accounts and guess what I found?  My original Pinterest account.  HA!  I thought I just had one account but apparently not.  The account was obviously set up in 2015 and it was actually a lot of fun to look at what I had pinned back then.

Also it brought back some memories like:

*That year I had strep throat three times
*I was still running then
*I was planning a possible vow renewal but we opted for Mexico instead a couple years later!
*I had an 18 month old and a nearly seven year old so there were several pins for mamas of little ones
*I still LOVED pineapples

Here are some of my favorite things from the old Pinterest account:

Taco Empanadas

These Taco Empanadas have flaky pastry and cheesy filling in every hand held bite. They are grain free, gluten free, low carb, and THM S. via @joyfilledeats

I think I made these about ten times after I pinned them!  They are so good and the kids loved them too.  I need to bring these back into the rotation!

This quote

No words.  AMEN!  Here's the pin.

This dress/tunic/coverup

There's No Limit Tunic Dress - Piace Boutique

Boho should just be called classic.  I mean its not going anywhere!

A good drink (for mommy)

liquid marijuana 1 part Captain Morgan 1 part Coconut Rum 1 part Midori 1 part Blue Curacao Splash of Sweet & Sour Splash of Pineapple Juice

I pinned this from Tumblr.  This is one of those iconic summer college drinks and I cannot remember the name of it but I do remember a tme when I drank a lot of these and didn't have to worry about calories, carbs, sugar, taking care of other humans.  

A Life Hack 

Rid odors with tea bags.~ This works. We have had a stinky closet since we moved into our house 5 yrs ago. We tried everything we could think of. It helped but still smelled until we hung a tea bag. That did the trick.

I may have learned a while back that if you have a loved one who suffers from stinky feet a good tip is to have them soak their feet in tea.  (Unsweet, wink) Well why wouldn't I have thought about this for unsavory smelling nooks and crannies of your home?!?!


Tuesday, May 12, 2020

OK OK I'll Show You My Books

If I had been lucky enough to be in quarantine I would have read so many books but I didn't get that privilege!  Today I'm sharing with you (and linking up with Steph & Jana) to show you what I read (sad) and what I'm reading or rather listening to.

What Happens In Paradise

What Happens in Paradise

This is pitiful but...

In March I went to the local public library because I had this feeling that school was going to be out for like the next seventy-two years.  So I scooped up some books for my kid and grabbed one book off the front shelf for me.  (What was I thinking?)

I grabbed this book for myself. Little did I know it was the second book in a trilogy.  There is nothing like walking into the middle of situation.

However, the book is good.  Hildebrand does a good job at catching you up (over and over and over) on what was in the first book.  

I do recommend this series, having skipped book one and went straight to book two.  It has some crime and outrage and passion.  I feel like when I give a synopsis of a book I tell too much so I will just let you click the link to B&N and decide if its something you would like.

Elin Hildebrand wasn't on my list of authors to try until a few years ago when I wanted a true beach read for our week at the coast.  I reluctantly grabbed one of her titles from the same public library and was hooked.

Sunset Beach

Mary Kay Andrews is one of my favorite cheeseball writers.  All her stuff makes me laugh and has that relaxed vibe that doesn't require you to think too much.  Her newest release is about Drew.  To make a long story short and not give away the whole story (which I cannot because I'm still reading or rather having Audible read it to me) Drew's mom has died, she lost her job, and she's moved to Sunset Beach.  Her dad is an ambulance chasing lawyer and he's offered a job in his call center.  While working there Drew has made a few new friends and also taken an interest in a case that was ruled worker's comp but seems to be much more.

Next month I promise to have much more good stuff in this post than the grab-it-fast from March and an Audible pick. Ha!  Wishing you all wonderful reading with a little salt and sand mixed in!


Saturday, May 2, 2020

Saturday Sip, Shop, Sounds Good

Happy Saturday...

I woke up to sunshine and blue skies.  It will be an amazing day.  Do you will your days?  I do.  I make affirmations every morning - like today when I saw the sunshine I said, "Today will be a great day."  I have heard if you verbally speak it then it's more than likely going to happen.

Don't check the science behind that.

Best Kauai Coffee Beans Guide - 100% Hawaiian Coffee, Buy Now ...

Do you know what tastes exceptionally well on Saturday morning?  Saturday morning coffee.  I am a coffee connosiour and I can attest that in the summer you need to drink Kauai Coffee.  You can find it at most retailers (though I'm not sure if you can at Walmart.) I love their Kona and their Garden Isle blends.  Its good stuff.

Speaking of good stuff - Does anyone here subscribe to Fab Fit Fun?  Anyone?  OK my last box came in March and if I can suggest a great product or two from that box I wanted to tell you all about:

Fast Food Leave In Conditioner is my favorite item I received in my shipment.  If you need a good leave in conditioner that doesn't weigh down your hair and also leaves it looking freaking amazing then this is it.  FFF said it was retailed at $24 but its really retailed at $19.99.  You can find it online at Amazon, Walmart, Ulta, etc.  

This is the gravity weighted sleep mask that came in the March box.  I love this thing.  If you get sinus headaches it feels great to put some pressure around the eye area.  I think I may need to go ahead and get a weighted blanket.  But seriously - why do they say gravity?  Its just that they put all that stuff in it to make it heavy...
So FFF said this is a $39.99 value and Target agrees. Purple sales these for $26.00.

"Be You Do You For You PINK" Poster by vasarenar | Redbubble

If you are interested in trying out Fab Fit Fun then head over to my Facebook page and if you're one of the the first six to comment on the post corresponding to this post I will totally send you a starter box!

What's on tap for your Saturday?  Or are you like, "Um you're typing this at 10am.  Our Saturday started hours ago."  Sorry I like sleep.

Around here I'm doing super cool things like grocery shopping, mowing, maybe planting more flowers.  We are having friends over this afternoon to toss around the softball and ride dirtbikes and four-wheelers.

Y'all Act Like You Got Some Sense  #southernisms #fortheloveofthesouth #Rusticgraceboutique #rusticgrace #rusticgracesouthernisms

It just felt like the right time to drop that on here.

And since we're into summer here's what's for dinner:

Shrimp Boil Foil Packs
By @cremedelacrumb1
Easy, tasty shrimp boil dinners baked or grilled in foil with homemade seasoning, fresh lemon, and brown butter sauce.
- 1 pound shrimp, peeled and de-veined
- 2 ears of corn on the cob,...

Visit Just Another Recipe Blog for the recipe :)

Don't forget to head to the Facebook page to get your Fab Fit Fun Starter Box.  Just click the link and comment on the post that corresponds with today's post :)  The first six ccan get the code.

Be content!

Friday, May 1, 2020

May 1

Happy Friday...

Though today I'm not any more excited about Friday than I would be about, say, Tuesday or Wednesday or even Monday.  I have had the week off and have enjoyed every single minute it.  Friday is just somewhat of a reminder that another weekend will blast by and next week I shall be back at work.

Which leads me to the idea of finally buying a lottery ticket (pointless), ok just a scratch off (more pointless), and saying a quick prayer (God probably isn't too fond of ole scratch offs) and taking out a dime and going to town.

If I won a million dollars (echo if I had a million dollars BNL fans are smiling) and the government took their share what would I do with that remaining $695,000?

I would pay off my house and car first. (-120k)
I would put a hundred grand back for the kids. (-100k)
I would buy the husband and I new-to-us cars (-45k)
Of course there would be tithing and charitable distribution...

But the rest?

I would apply to keeping my life simple and happy. Get a fun job playing in flowers.  Pay off the beach condo.  Move? Maybe.  

But most of all - I would buy the $15 bottle of wine instead of the $6.99 MVP special.  

Just kidding I would never do that.

OK guys lets talk about Friday and highlight the fun from the week, shall we?

Cycling and Bikes Art Prints and Posters | Free Shipping | Shop FyQuotes About Riding A Bicycle. QuotesGrambicycle quote | amy zhang design | Bike quotes, Cycling quotes

And in the afternoon...we ride.

Last weekend we purchased a bigger bike for my son.  He learned to ride a bike without training wheels one afternoon at our friends' home.  Their middle sweetie taught him and he took right to it.  Fast forward three months and we finally got him a bike.  

Every afternoon my son, my daughter, and myself get the bikes out of the back of the workshop and take off.  Its my favorite time of day.  We just ride and ride and ride and they are the kids and I get to revisit my own childhood.  

These are the days.

Once upon a time there was a girl who was very conscientious of her carbohydrate intake.  

And then her mother learned how to make eclairs.


I was on of those kids who loved to pick up frogs, toads, turtles, and try to catch a lightning speed lizard.  I'm also not afraid of spiders or other creepy crawlies.  If I know a snake is around, I'm cool with it.

But when it comes to mice, I'm out.

OK that has nothing to do with the photos.

Last Sunday we had a good rain and then the box turtles were wandering around.  The boy found this one and decided (aftert thinking it would be an awesome pet) that it would be better off in the creek.

I freaking love turtles.

We went to Pinterest on Thursday and made these guys.  Well ours aren't quite this cool but all you need is anything you can paint with glow in the dark glitter glue (we used jars, shells, jars, more shells).  I kinda went crazy and thought I should so do my walls like this.  Its really fun.  Here's the pin.

Alrighty that's it.  I have to get this classsroom in line.  I gave them movie time to start the learning day and I know that is going to backfire like a mother.

I wish you all a content Friday.


Friday, April 10, 2020

The Great Slow Down....Around Here!

This week...

I think its safe to say that many homes will have a couple coats of new paint on them this spring.  A few weeks ago we purchased paint for our kitchen and we were one of three people awaiting paint while others were feverishly deciding on colors.

I hate to paint.  My husband kind of enjoys it.  I was thrilled when he agreed to paint my kitchen Repose Grey (Sherwin Williams).  He finished it up after a week of working on it after his regular work day.  

I am in love!

Our playroom floor.  The new covering is Lego (again).  I don't really care about them not being picked up.  The best toy for brain building and also the cause of many children learning the "f" word early (I just don't want through there any more!)

I have always held respect for medical professionals.  Of course they are key to our survival.  BUT can we please really shine a light on the cafeteria staff of our public school system?  Every day they are spread around our county making sure every child 0-18 is fed.  This isn't for a selected population but for EVERY child.  Thank you so much lovely lunch ladies!  You are the smiling face I look forward to seeing each day.  I appreciate your work and your joy each and every day.  Thank you soooo much!

My mama made muffins and also worked on the cemetary flowers.  I sat close by and played on my phone like a typical 38 year old daughter.

Over the course of this stay at home period I have found my new love.  That new love is bad for me and against everythinig I once stood for.  To Sonic Drive In - my heart and belly.  I'll take a Sonic Burger with a Diet Cherry Coke, please.  Any day.

We have been celebrating Holy Week from our kitchen.  Through live stream and Youtube we have taken "communion" had a love feast and prayed and sang.  I do miss the Easter dresses...

TV:  Real Housewives of NYC; Ozark; Gilmore Girls; McMillions

Every day the boy and I walk back to the creek.  We caught a newt.  He was tickled pink.  One thing he doesn't like?  Spiders.  Spiders however do not bother me.  I'm the official "get the spider" person.  You can bet I point out every single spider I see to make people cringe.  Hopefully, I can get a shot of the one in our building soon.  Its about five inches long.

Nana had all her grandchildren over for an egg hunt and to dye eggs.

And we went retro when they pulled out MY bag of Happy Meal toys from when I was a kiddo.  Lots of 80's goodness there!

My mother was wearing one glove when she was running her errands in her car.  It was the gloved hand she would use to pay/accept items with.  It made me giggle.  If you have worked in health care you know once you use it you trash it...let's make sure we pass that morsel of knowledge along!

Blessings to you all this Easter weekend.
Shalom to our friends celebrating Passover.
God is good.


Wednesday, March 25, 2020

What's Up? [Quarantine Edition]

March has flown by even though we have spent the last half in a very strange place of quarantine, pandemic, and just wondering what exactly is going on...

I am excited to blog today and link up over at the What's Up Wednesday hostess sites!

, What’s Up Wednesday {03.25.20}
What we are eating...

Silhouette Design Store: jar of cooking utensils

This has been a super confusing time.  Apparently, people think that a virus that infects your lungs also infects your bowels.  You go to the store and you cannot find toilet paper and at the same time its irony that you cannot find a lot of food either.

The first week of this whole shut down meant that my list was thrown out the window because the only foods left were a pack of pork chops and a pack of chicken wings.  That was a really fun week.

Made this for the daughter after her steak restaurant date last week, but I suspect a lot of other girls feel the same way.

Last weekend I was super lucky to be able to get chicken and ground beef.

I have been posting what all we are cooking each day on my Instagram Story (find me @iscreambrownie) 

Monday we had meatloaf and I doubt I make the way your grandma does.  Tuesday we had veggie tacos and part of that story was taken down because my Amazon Music app is playing in the background and well....Eminem is not happy when you use his music totally not on purpose when you are cooking.

Tonight is Italian Chicken, tomorrow is spaghetti and meatballs.  Friday is salmon!

Am I reminiscing?


Loving anything?

Yes.  I'm not complaining about the quarantine.  I'm not complaining about the time with my kids.  The time away from work is a sweet blessing.  Everything is moving at a slower pace and I am seeing it as a blessing.  I actually wrote about it here.

So what have we been up to?

Spring cleaning is COMPLETE!  I have tons of stuff I want to throw into a yard sale but I'm wondering when that can even happen.

We have been good little homeschoolers.  It really kicks into gear next week and I'm going to have to figure out how to juggle that.
Loving our outside time - we go for walks a few times a day and hopefully the sun will show its face soon so I can start turning the soil for flowers and vegetables.
Binge watching some t.v. like champions.


Nothing.  There is no point in dreading anything, friends.

Working on?

Shaded Hydrangeas - 17 Dreamy Hydrangea Gardens That Have Us So Ready for Spring - Southernliving. Hydrangeas love morning sun and afternoon shade. Find a side of the house that does just that and watch them thrive. See PinBlack-Eyed Susan

I extended my front flower bed about sixteen inches out and its roughly twenty feet long so ummm that's a project for sure!  I'm a Hydrangea addict so I plan to get three more and then buy a sh*t ton of Black Eyed Susans.  Oh and never ever forget the power of the Impatien.

Growing Impatiens - How To Keep Impatiens Looking Great All Summer!

Excited about?

Y'all its SPRING!!!!

Currently Watching/Reading?

Gilmore Girls Collage mint green iPhone Case by birchandbark Gilmore Girls phone case So many favorites from Gilmore Girls A stack of classic novels Hep Aliens sandwich tour van Rory s 21st birthday cocktail and what s a danish without a cup of coffee from Luke s Diner So many memories from our favorite town of Stars Hollow You are in the right place about van life hellip #birchandbark #collage #fordcampervan #gilmore #girls #green #iphone #vanlifebeach #vanlifewallpaper

See The Trailer for 'Little Fires Everywhere'

Book cover for What Happens in Paradise (Winter in Paradise) by Elin Hilderbrand

My daughter and I are bingeing Gilmore Girls.  I started watching Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu.
I'm reading What Happens in Paradise by Elin Hilderbran
Also, I'm reading a ton of graphic novels like Narwhal with my seven year old.

Listening to?

Music, random music.


Yoga Pants with no a** is like a wallet with No Money. Funny Yoga jokes. Yoga memes.

Joggers, compression pants, t-shirts, and my Patagonia pull over.  Don't judge we're in a very tedious time. (LOL)

What's on tap for the weekend?

Much of the same....:)
I plan to play in lots of dirt and visit the garden center at Lowes because its open air and nature and ish.

Anything else?

Nahhh - I need a refill on my coffee now.
But I keep thinking I better go east again....

Cherry Grove Beach, also known as Cherry Grove, is a neighborhood of North Myrtle Beach, located along South Carolina Highway 9 and South Carolina Highway 65, and is a major draw for recreation in the Myrtle Beach area.


Sunday, March 22, 2020

The Mandated Break: Week 1...or is it 2?

Good morning.  I know its morning because I woke up while ago (two hours ago) made coffee and watched Willie Geist on NBC.  

I hear some people are getting days and nights mixed up like infants because they are on lock down.  

Did you ever think you would be in the circumstances of a pandemic?

I am thirty-eight years old and I have lived through/seen some recessions, a couple or three stimulus packages, a couple wars, terrorist attacks, the birth of HIV/AIDS as a public health concern, Ebola, "new" flus from chickens and pigs, the birth of the internet, the invention of TikTok, and now I can add - shut down from pandemic.

Ahhh the novelties of this life.  The ride that keeps us on our toes.  

In the midst of all this semi-organized chaos I have continued going to work, paying my bills, making dinner but without those other things like...

Picking up and taking kids to sports practices
Going to the YMCA to work out with my friends who are the same as family...
Going to the store fifty times because "oops" I forgot this or "oops" the kid forgot to tell me she needed that...

Last week I came home from work every day and changed clothes and immediately took the kids OUTSIDE.  We went to the track we got in steps, we kicked soccer balls, we threw softballs.  I made dinner late and had nothing prepped.  
We talked, we hung out, we had a nice week.

It was just like summer break came early.  
I embraced it whole-heartedly because I embrace a slow down.

As the week progressed I noticed something really nifty.  The kids weren't glued to their computers and devices quite as much.  Spring came and so did eighty degrees and sunshine.  I didn't have to say, "We're going outside" - they beat me to it.  They were on the trampoline, the scooter, the 4-wheeler, grabbing the softball bag from the car.

Silver Lining A Tana Lawn | Ava & Neve Liberty Art Fabrics Brisbane
"Silver Linings "by Ava & Neve

And in those moments I saw something brilliant.

I decided after last Monday that the kids would be in charge of making dinner.  Each evening around seven or seven thirty I would call the kids in the kitchen and they would make the meal.  Not I.  And they didn't fight.  They were busy chopping, stirring, mixing, cracking eggs, seasoning vegetables or meat.  

And in that kitchen I witnessed something nostalgic.

Silver Lining Canvas Print
Silver Lining by wmshop

Mama still had to be at work at the crack of dawn so our night time routines didn't change last week.  The oldest is a million percent capable of her night time routine.  I still need to warden over the youngest.  After shower, dental hygiene, and night time medication administration he was ready for a book in bed.  He would allow me to read him a whole library when we snuggle up if I had the ability to.  From those pages we would start a dialogue (we were reading Minecraft books) and it would flourish out from how many glass blocks to how many wool blocks to if we built this in real life to one day a little voice that will all too soon turn into a deeper one say, "I may be an architect, mama."

And in these moments I found what I have always treasured.

School may be out.  Work may be chaotic.  There may be stressors building up that cause you to have mild panic attacks.  

Please stop.

Just stop.

Open your eyes to what you have at this moment - look at the silver linings.  

Turn off your television and your social media and open your eyes to what this actually is.

Its not about an economy or a health issue.

You're being given the greatest gift besides love.

A Ruptured Time by Norman Duenas                                                                                                                                                     More

You have at your feet - time.

People write books, songs, poetry about how they wish they had more time.

And today March 2020 - you have been given the gift of time.

The government cleared your calendar.  The teachers filled the Google classroom with tasks that can be completed in an hour.  Your appointments are pretty much canceled.  Your work may be shut down or on a simplified schedule.  

You got your groceries.  

You're good.  

You're covered.

Put your focus on the fun, the joy, the people who you realized just a little while ago are growing so fast and you know if you blink one more time they will be driving, graduating, moving out.

Focus on that person you committed your life to.  The one that doesn't give you much attention because so much is going on or you don't give too much attention to because you seem to busy with the kids or the job.

Call the friend.

Go outside and blow bubbles, throw the ball, kick the ball, look under rocks for creepy crawlies, paint the picture on the canvas.

Plant the garden.  Jump on the trampoline (but if you have had kids and are over 35 don't!)  Go for the walks in the woods.  Watch the last Frozen movie *ughhhh.

Read the extra books.  Help with the Google classroom work.  Play the board game.  Make the new recipe.  Take the dog for an extra long walk.  Leave the cats alone - they are pissed your home so much now.

Embrace the gift of time that you have been given.  Let creativity drip from your soul like the slow drip of an old school coffee pot.

You have been given what so many have prayed, begged, and died over - time.

All good and wonderful things come from the Lord.

Make the most of it.

This is mandated.

David Stiendl Rast


Monday, March 2, 2020

March Got Me Like...

Premium Giclee Print: 1961 Mercury - Spring Fever : 24x18in
Spring is 17 days away and I am r-r-r-ready!  I'm ready to be in that land yacht going out and having fun on the weekends!  Anyone else with me?  I thought that today should be a post in honor of all the sh I'm getting into this month along with a few goals.  Get in and don't worry about buckling up because this land yacht is the safest vehicle on the road!

I Like Softball and Maybe 3 People Sticker
Softball practice one kicks off tonight.  I hate practices as a parent.  They are plain out boring.  I want to be out there running around.  I'm not a mom who cares about talking over in the bleachers.  I could care less what is going on in your life or who you want to talk shiz about.  Ugh moms are so annoying.  

(I'm still 17 inside.  At least it isn't 14!  Booo yahhhh!)


Next week my husband and I will celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary and 14th year together.  I'm celebrating by getting my eye dilated.  Our future is bright.

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We're really celebrating by disappearing to here!  I cannot wait!!! (NC Coast best coast in the world and not just because I'm an NC girl!!!)

Track Pack -  This is me every single time at a track meet ha ha I usually eat on the way to the field  - #HalfMarathonTraining #MarathonTraining #Marathons #Pack #RunDisney #RunnerProblems #RunningCostumes #RunningHumor #RunningTips #track

I have a track kid in my house.  Spoiler its the softball kid.  Her first meet is one the first day of spring.  Her dad will be there looking around quite confused as I will be out of town for work.  

You may talk ish about soccer moms but lemme tell ya something - a lot of them are way cooler than the other sports moms!  Last fall everyone was so laid back.  I mean laid back from falling asleep because we are tired. Soccer starts back up the same week as track meet one.

This church is stepping up their youth outreach.

So we kinda left the church we were attending.  You know what a lot of peopel refer to as "sexy church" - you know modern worship, a band, jeans, laid back, its all good mentality.  Yeah um we kinda left that.  We kinda are going backwards.  Our daughter started going to the church I grew up in (tiny, itty bitty, United Methodist church, it has like six kids, old hymns, a big Sunday is thirty people) and she loves it.  Our son, for some strange reason, loves it.  Anyhoo, they are trying to start a youth group (I know you just jumped up to six kids and then jumped back down to this sentence...) and my daughter is invested in this so...

If anyone is interested the youth group is doing a soup and sandwich dinner at the end of the month to help raise money to get their youth group up and running.

bicycle, bike, ride, indoor spin, indoor cycling

So...last month I had a goal of 15 spin classes.  I completed 12.
I did 4 yoga practices.

Kinda worried about March because the calendar is beefing up with sports and I'm like uhhhhhh I CAN do this.  I'm going to give myself 3-4 workouts a week!  Thursdays are out.  

shaded flower bed idea

Spring means a project.  I'm loving this one as I get ready to change my garden beds!  

How is your spring shaping up?